Program Learning Outcomes


The graduates are expected to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate Pancasila values and awareness of the nation and state interest
  2. Demonstrate honesty, responsibility, confidence, emotional maturity, ethics, and awareness of being a lifelong learner



2.1. Master the philosophy of pharmaceutical science

2.2. Master the theories and general concepts of advanced science in pharmaceutical science

2.3. Master the principles of cutting-edge technology related to pharmaceutical science

  1. Master the application theory related to pharmaceutical sciences
  2. Master the research principles in the development and application of pharmaceutical sciences
  3. Master the concept of academic integrity in general, and the concept of plagiarism in particular in terms of the types of plagiarism, the consequences of violations and efforts to prevent them
    1. Apply logical, critical, systematic, and innovative way of thinking by utilizing information technology to create solutions according to their expertise area with integrity and manifest them in scientific documents;
    2. Able to develop a network, adapt, create, contribute, supervise, evaluate, and make decisions to demonstrate independent and group performance to apply science to social life;
    1. Deepen and expand their understanding of pharmaceutical sciences
    2. Deepen and expand their knowledge in the application of advanced science in pharmaceutical sciences
    3. Propose new solutions of cutting-edge methods and their use in pharmaceutical sciences

Possess skills in navigating the latest issues in pharmaceutical science