Study Program Development

The Pharmaceutical Science Doctoral Study Program (PS-DIF) always makes continuous improvements (continuous improvement) using indicators applied in quality targets.

The strategies used to achieve quality objectives are summarized in the table below:

No Matter Year 2023/ 2024 Year 2024/2025 Year 2025/2026 Year 2026/2027 Year 2027/2028 Achievement Strategy
1. Average completion of studies (years) 4.5 4.2 4.2 4.1 4
  • Empowering Dissertation Supervisors,
  • Involving students in lecturer research through research grants
  • Mincrease and complete research facilities
2. Percentage of students graduating with distinction

cumlaude (%)

  • Improving learning methods,∙ complete the infrastructure learning,
  • improve the academic atmosphere
3. Number of lecturer publications in national journals 50 50 60 60 60
  • Publication incentives for published national journals;workshop and writing clinicmanuscript;
Number of publications by lecturers in international journals 100 100 110 120 130
  • Journal publication incentives published international; workshop and writing clinics manuscript;
  • English editing for articles to be submitted to journals international; Writing collaboration with other universities, both domestic and foreign
4. Publication of student scientific work in national seminars/magazines

nationally accredited

  • Holding national seminars,∙ Encourage collaboration with educational/research institutions andstakeholders for activities domestic research.
Publication of student scientific work at international seminars 8
  • Holding international seminars, internationalizing journals,
  • Encourage collaboration with educational/research institutions andstakeholders for activities research both domestic and foreign,
  • Encouraging students to follow,student exchange abroad.
5. Average GPA of PhD graduates 3,80


3,80 3,80 3,85 3,85
  • Improving learning methods,∙Complete the infrastructure learning,
  • Improve the academic atmosphere
6. Number of community service themes* 20
  • A development team for the theme of community service was formed in the form of training and empowerment community, KKN, and partner villages.
  • Encourage students to be actively involved in information dissemination pharmaceuticals and appropriate technology use, giving a gift of service to society.
7. Student mobility abroad 2


3 3 3 3
  • Students are encouraged to take part in student mobility grants abroad state,
  • Increasing collaboration with foreign universities
  • Promoters encourage students to conduct research abroad
8. Overseas lecturers who carry out guest lecture activities and/or external examiners 2


3 3 3 3
  • Inviting foreign lecturers to give guest lectures,
  • Involving overseas lecturers as a guiding team,
  • Appoint foreign lecturers as external examiners